Merge Plane Suggestions & Approach Guide

If you’re a major fan of idle mobile games, then Merge Plane is among the best options out there, that is accessible on iOS and Android. If you buy planes and find out how and when to merge them to optimize your gains, you’re certain to rock the match!

So let us gets started and have a look at the merge plane cheats, tips and tips which will allow you to receive all the available planes.

1. Save Your Coins And Wait For Complimentary Planes
Look Closely at costs

In case you have a lot of time on your hands and you’re patient enough, then wait to acquire completely free planes. Every now and then, a free degree 1 airplane becomes accessible. However, bear in mind that free planes pop up only as you’re playing the sport. So staying connected as far as possible is the advantage.

If you would rather get planes instead, be sure that you keep an eye on costs. The plane costs vary from one degree to another and there are planes which you can only buy with stone at a specific degree. As you advance throughout the game, you’ll have the ability to buy them with coins instead. So be patient.

Another aspect you should keep in mind is that planes be costly by each one you buy. For instance, a flat 1 plane is very cheap at early stages. However, as you keep buying them, their price considerably increases. In order to maintain your purchases under control, attempt to buy planes with various levels. Buy several level 1 planes then go after a few degree 2 ones. And keep doing exactly the exact same.

2. Put Your Best Plane To Function
Maximize your offline gains by putting on the track as many planes as possible

If you have to earn coins to unlock new planes, you want to put your planes on the track and maintain them racing. Why? Because higher-level planes generate more income than ones that are unsuitable. During the time you’re consolidating or waiting for new planes, your greatest will keep generating earnings. Beware: before you sign out, make sure you put on the track as many planes as you can. The ones that are non, as they’ll still bring in some cash. The only time you shouldn’t put planes on the track is when you’re consolidating them and you’re playing actively.

3. Participate In Tournaments
Buy time warps to increase your chances of winning

Just the money that you earn when you’re online affects your tournament score. If you invest money while in a tournament, then your score won’t drop. So you may spend money and gems on boosts. And spending money won’t drop your own score. If you can afford it, then spend gems to buy time warps. This will be a massive advantage towards winning the tournament.
A good strategy to win a tournament would be to start by unlocking the Level 30 Plane once. Fill up your apron with flat 30 planes and put them all on the track.

Use them for plane boosters and discounts

This special currency can be obtained only by trading conventional coins for them. The investment is actually worth the effort because you’ll have the ability to buy a lot of boosts like income multipliers. And the best part is that the boosts are permanent.

5. Activate Boosters Whenever Possible
Watch for your UFO!

The double speed booster can be activated anytime. If you do that, your earnings will double as well. There are two ways to trigger this booster: by spending gems or by viewing a video advertising. That is your choice, but we recommend watching the ad.

Another key element you should keep tabs on is your UFO that flies on the display every now and then. If you tap on it, you will see the accessible rewards. If you see the video advertising, the UFO will trigger the bonus. If you’re lucky enough, you could find the 5x coin rake. Your earnings by hour will increase dramatically!

If you would like to win extra time and money, then tap the popcorn icon in the right corner of your display. This will provide you with 60 minutes of double speed. Imagine that you get the 5x earnings during 50 minutes. This means that for an entire minute you’ll get 10x your normal income!

6. Complete Quests To Earn Gems
Spend your gems on fosters

Completing quests allow you to earn gems which you can then spend on boosts. If you can afford it, then you can buy the weekly membership. Aside from faster speed, more fairways and parking areas, you’ll get 10 stone each day and an awesome 120% offline earnings multiplier. A fantastic way to invest your gems is when you sign up in after a long offline period. If, moreover, you spend 5 more gems, you can double your offline earnings!

7. Watch Ads To Boost Your Game Progress
Win free upgrades and increase your income

Every now and then — especially once you buy new planes — video provides that allow you to upgrade a plane for become available. Be certain not to overlook the opportunity as upgrades become more and more costly as you advance through the sport.

When you sign in after being off for a while, watching a video advertising will allow you to double your offline earnings. Don’t miss it either!

8. Make the Most of The Offers When Enrolling Back In
Check the shop for great offers

Be certain that you check the shop each time you sign back in the game. Following an offline period, watching a video advertising will win one of the second highest unlocked plane. At times you may even get two free planes prior to the advertisement button disappears.

When you sign back in you may also receive a free plane upgrade deal. Don’t miss the opportunity as you could find a 3-4 levels upgrade! If you keep offline long enough to earn some cash, you can sign in again and look for the video deal once more. You can do this trick as often as you desire.